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Sep 11 2020

Reverse backup your Linux machine with a Synology NAS

When it comes to backups, then it should not possible for maleware to spread to your backup server. Here is an approach how to setup such a safe backup with a Synology NAS.

Aug 05 2020

Stream public IPTV channels with TvHeadend

Do you want to stream public available IPTV channels? Here is a list of channels and how to stream them.

Mai 02 2020

Delete all emails in mutt

How to delete all messages (aka purge your mailbox) in a local mailbox using mutt

Apr 07 2020

Forward RDP Connections through a Linux firewall

How to expose specific services from within a network which is protected via an iptables based firewall

Mrz 24 2020

Getting Mikrotik winbox fonts right when emulated in wine

Mikrotik's configuration tool winbox can be emulated with wine. Here is how you get the fonts in the terminal right.

Jan 30 2020

Mounting a dd image

If you do full backups with dd, then you will (most certainly) try to mount a partition of it. Here is my way how to do this.

Nov 30 2019

How to connect your Davis Vantage 2 to the Internet

How to connect a Davis Vintage 2 Basic weather station to the Internet.

Apr 29 2019

Turn Mikrotik CAP interfaces on and off by script

How to turn on and off all CAP interfaces with a certain naming pattern by script

Feb 28 2019

Painless VPN with sshuttle

How to connect to your home network with a simple, but yet secure VPN setup.

Jan 26 2019

Connect to HAMNET with OpenWRT and a VPN

How to use HamNet without an antenna (but with VPN) from your whole network

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