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We consult and support companies and people regarding the following topics:

IoT - Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is an umbrella term under which computers and computerized devices gather to exchange data with each other to facilitate the people's life. The approach to connect everything to everything offers a lot of opportunities which where beyond our imagination in the last few years.

Keywords that are covered repeatedly in this area such as: Raspberry Pi, Arduino , MQTT, and so on. With these and other ingredients from the IoT ecosystem and the right knowledge one can very often find inexpensive and yet stable solutions.

In this environment we are offering not only pure IT consulting; we also advise you regarding

  • actuators
  • sensors
  • Data Visualization
  • Hardware and Software Selection

Network technology

Computer networks are the backbone of today's digital communication. Whether IP telephony, e-mail or Internet - is the better the design of your network, the easier it will be to integrate new components and services. We offer in this regard, the following services to our customers:

  • Planning and development of IP networks
  • Selection of routers and firewalls for companies
  • Configuring routers for home users
  • Selection, configuration and commissioning of backup solutions for home use
  • Setting up of wireless networks in various topologies
  • Analysis and surveying of problematic wireless networks
  • Measurement of antennas (100 kHz - 1.2 GHz) for exchanging data
  • Link route calculations, recommendations for the creation of radio links

Server management

We are specialized in the setup and maintenance of servers with free operating system Linux (especially Debian derivatives such as Ubuntu). In this context, we offer the following services:

  • Setting up and maintenance of Linux based servers
  • Development of solutions on Linux based systems
  • Automating tasks using Raspberry Pi
  • Consultations on the selection of software in Linux environment
  • Virtualization using VMWare ESXi

Furthermore, we also provide applications in the database environment such as MSSQL, Oracle or orientdb databases.

Software: Consulting & Development

Finding the right software for a problem is a complex task. We help you select the right software for you - although we clearly focus on open source (so-called open source) software.

If it happens that no standard solution is available, we can also specify software precisely to your needs and we can also create and maintain it for you. The solution portfolio ranges from web applications over desktop applications up to the field of embedded systems (microcontrollers).

IT Security / Forensics

The security of sensitive data, networks and systems is a central key issue at the present time. We offer in this regard, the following services:

  • Advice on IT security infrastructure
  • Penetration testing for software that is produced by the customer (proof required)
  • Recovery of deleted data (e.g: by accidental formatting of USB Sticks / SD Card / Hard Disk, etc.)

Lectures and training

We are offering lectures and trainings on all of the previously managed topics. The subject and the level of detail are individually negotiable, and ranges from bloody beginners up to master student courses.

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