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Jan 02 2018

How to migrate a vServer from netcup to another instance

This article explains how to upgrade a vServer to newer hardware (by moving it to another hosting plan)

Apr 10 2016

Create snapshots via commandline in ESXi 5.5

This article shows how to create snapshots in an ESXi5.5 server via ssh commandline. ...

Feb 24 2016

Attach a NFS datastore to ESXi 5.5

Is your virtualization box running out of disk sapce again? Try to connect a NFS datastore to it. This article shows how to conenct a QNAP nas to ESXi 5.5 ...

May 11 2015

Running SkyDemon under Linux with wine

My flight instructor showed me a cool flight-planning tool named SkyDemon. Unfortunately it is not available for Linux, but with wine it can be installed on my machine. Here is how to do it ...

Oct 22 2014

Transfer a virtual machine between two ESXi Hosts

This article shows how to transfer data (VMs) between two hosts without the need of external tools. Furthermore it explains different strategies and compares them in terms of speed. ...

Aug 13 2014

Reattatch an existing VM to ESXi 5.5

What to do if you want to add an existing virtual machine to a new ESXi server ? Simple answer: Add it by commandline. ...

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