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Sep 20 2016

Renewal of a letsencrypt certificate for lighttpd

This article shows how to renew a letsencrypt certificate, which is used by a lighttpd server. ...

May 17 2016

How a keysigning party builds a web of trust

Did you ever attend a key-signing party ? ... No ? ... In this article I am telling you what it is, why it is cool, and what the next steps after the party are ...

Feb 09 2016

How to rename an application within IIS7

Renaming an application within IIS7 is not possible via the graphical user interface. This article shows how to do it via the command line. ...

Feb 05 2016

OpenLDAP authentication for vTiger 6.0

This article shows how to enable LDAP authentification for vTiger 6.0 against an OpenLDAP server ...

Jan 03 2016

How to create a RAM disk

Sometimes (for example in software defined radio application with high bandwidths or video editing) you need ultimate read and write speed on your disks. The solution therefore is to utilize a RAM disk. Here is how to setup such a thing ...

Dec 15 2015

Download multiple files with similar names within bash

Downloading multiple documents from the same location (Document_01.pdf, Document_02.pdf, ..., Document_30.pdf) from a webserver is a time consuming task. Here is a small script that shows you how to automate it in bash ...

Nov 21 2015

Auto reconnect on dropped VPN connection

This article shows a way how to re-establish a VPN connection which get disconnected (for whatever reason) from time to time ...

Oct 19 2015

IPTV with a Synology DS713+

This article describes my approach to stream live TV across my local network with my Synology DS713+, a few USB receivers, Tvheadend and an Amazon FireTv Stick with Kodi as receiver ...

Aug 12 2015

Lexmark CX410 scan to network (on a SME Server)

Most multifunction scanners are able to scan to a plain windows network drive. If you want to scan to a samba share then things can be a little bit tricky. This article shows what to do if you scanner fails to scan to a network drive which is provided by a samba share on a linux box.

Jul 06 2015

Bypass restrictive firewalls with a SSH tunnel

Assume you are sitting in a restaurant that offers free wifi. Sounds great - doesn't it ?
Did you know that it is really easy to sniff a big part of your internet traffic (including passwords) in such an environment ?  Here his how to circumvent such privacy issues... ...

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