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Dec 29 2018

TFTP boot with OpenWRT and a Synology NAS as storage

How to create a network boot server out of OpenWrt and a Synology NAS which is able to boot (nearly) all system / rescue CDs via the network.

Oct 14 2018

Porting LuaRTOS to the TTGO LoRa32 Board

How to port a real-time operating system to a new platform in order to get a highly versatile IoT platform

Sep 14 2018

Get rid of selfsigned certificate warnings in Ubuntu

How to download and add a self-signed SSL certificate from a server to get rid of warnings

Jun 01 2018

Find public IP address for OpenWRT via Script

How to determine your public IP address via a small script in order to announce it via DynDns from a box within the private network.

Feb 20 2018

Find all manually installed packages within ubuntu

This article shows hot to extract a list of manually installed packges from Ubuntu

Jan 02 2018

How to migrate a vServer from netcup to another instance

This article explains how to upgrade a vServer to newer hardware (by moving it to another hosting plan)

Dec 13 2017

Recover your GPG profile from a GnuPG card

This article shows how to get your keys back if you use a GnuPG card to store your GPG keys ...

Nov 15 2017

Convert audio files with ffmpeg

Here is a quick primer how to convert all files within a directory form one audio format to another one

Nov 07 2017

Recover files from an encrypted home partition

No need to panic if you want to recover data from an encrypted home partition under Debian / Ubuntu. ...

Oct 14 2017

Enable https downloads with wget on OpenWRT

This article shows how to enable https downloads with wget on OpenWRT Chaos Calmer

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