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Aug 23 2017

Splashproof HF connections

Have you ever bought water-repellent HF  connectors ? The you have most likely paid too much. Here is a neat trick how to make splashproof HF connections with household items

Jul 25 2017

Implement cryptocoin payments with Java

Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies are a nice way to buy things from the internet. This article explains how to implement cryptocoin payments in your Java based application. ...

Jun 18 2017

Content based message routing with apache camel

This article shows how to send exchanges (based on their header information) into different routes. ...

Mai 03 2017

SCM progress visualization with gource

Do you want to impress your customers / friends by showing what you and your team are doing within a project ? ... Well then give gource a try ! ...

Apr 19 2017

How to make static webpage snapshots with wget

Sometimes it is better to have a (local) backup. Here is how you backup a (foreign) homepage with wget. ...

Mrz 13 2017

Read /etc/passwd with Java8 streams

This article shows how to read and parse the /etc/passwd file with the new Java8 stream API and Lamda functions ...

Feb 20 2017

How to install node-red in Ubuntu

This article shows how to install node-red under Ubuntu 16.04 ...

Jan 21 2017

Uninstall dpkg packages in Ubuntu

This article shows how to remove *.dpkg packages (which are not removable via the software center) from an Ubuntu box ...

Dez 30 2016

How to replace a failed disk of a degraded linux software raid

Recently one of my disks within a Linux software raid started to fail. Here is a quick outline how to replace it. ...

Nov 18 2016

Select files with a dialog witin a BASH script

Sometimes you want the user to pick a few files from within a directory - here is how to do it in bash. ...

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