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Jan 01 2015

Meshed HAM Radio - High Speed Multimedia Network

What if i tell you that it is possible to set up a self healing WLAN with nearly zero configuration - Impossible ? ... Nope: Try a meshed WLAN. ...

Dec 09 2014

Portable HAM radio station

As a HAM radio operator I spent a lot of time to design my station. It should be (at least somehow) portable and it should allow all band / all mode operation. In this article i want to share some thoughts about the hobby and about my station with you. ...

Oct 26 2014

Receive APRS stations with rtl-str and display them with Xastir

This article shows how to receive APRS packets with a cheap DVB-T stick operated by rtl-sdr, how to decode them with mulitmon-ng and finally how to visualize them with Xastir. ...

Oct 11 2014

RTTY File transmission via soundcard

File transmission via Network, USB Stick, Floppydisks, WLAN is cool, but did you how to use the soundcard to transmit a file from A to B. ...

Jul 20 2014

406 MHz ELT Testing with rtl-sdr and Multipsk

How to test your 406 MHz distress beacon without the need to spend hundreds of dollars for testequipment. ...

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