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Dec 29 2020

Streaming wireless weatherstationdata via MQTT

This article shows how to stream data transmitted over 433 MHz Channels can be received with an RTL-SDR stick and streamed to the internet

Feb 26 2020

Connect to Hamnet with a Ubiquity Bullet2HP

This article shows how to connect to HAMNET using a Ubiquity Bullet 2HP

Jan 26 2019

Connect to HAMNET with OpenWRT and a VPN

How to use HamNet without an antenna (but with VPN) from your whole network

Oct 14 2018

Porting LuaRTOS to the TTGO LoRa32 Board

How to port a real-time operating system to a new platform in order to get a highly versatile IoT platform

Aug 23 2017

Splashproof HF connections

Have you ever bought water-repellent HF  connectors ? The you have most likely paid too much. Here is a neat trick how to make splashproof HF connections with household items

Dec 02 2015

APRS with mobilinkd and YAAC

APRS is an interesting way to communicate. This article shows how to set up an APRS station with your PC and a mobilinkd TNC2. ...

May 26 2015

Building a cheap FLARM basestation antenna

FLARM is an electronic device to selectively alert pilots to potential collisions between aircraft.. The accessoirs (like antennas) are known to be expensive. This article shows how to build a 5 Euro ground plane antenna for a FLARM ground station which is perfectly suited to operate with the rtl-sdr based Open Glider Network receive. ...

Apr 12 2015

Locking down a Baofeng UV5R+ to disable unintentional TX

This article shows how I modified my Baofeng UV5R+ to disable unintentional TX operation and how to lock it down that it becomes "family-safe" ...

Mar 25 2015

Fix the no-mic problem with the Baofeng UV5R+

Bad or broken connectors within the Baofeng UV5R+ can cause the internal microphone to stop working. Fortunately there is a simple workaround to thisI ...

Feb 06 2015

Changing the frequency of a HM-TRP 3DR Radio

The HM-TRP 3DR Radio is often used for telemetry purposes in DIY drone projects. Depending where you are from you will get it in different flavours (433 MHz, 470 MHz, 868MHz and 915 MHz).  This article shows how to change the main frequency of this TRX to make it work on 433 MHz (70cm HAM / ISM band). ...

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