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Feb 26 2020

Connect to Hamnet with a Ubiquity Bullet2HP

This article shows how to connect to HAMNET using a Ubiquity Bullet 2HP

Jan 30 2020

Mounting a dd image

If you do full backups with dd, then you will (most certainly) try to mount a partition of it. Here is my way how to do this.

Dec 31 2019

Scriptable Java stream() filter

Javascriptable filters that can be used within java.util.stream.Stream<T>

Nov 30 2019

How to connect your Davis Vantage 2 to the Internet

How to connect a Davis Vintage 2 Basic weather station to the Internet.

Oct 31 2019

How to display values in ThingWorx in a 2d mashup

This article shows how to display data in ThingWorx with a 2D mashup

Sep 30 2019

Connect your MQTT device to ThingWorx

This article shows how to create MQTT connected things within PTC ThingWorx.

Aug 31 2019

Processing data from TheThingNetworks with Apache Camel

This article shows how to process data from TheThingNetworks with the Apache Camel framework.

Jul 29 2019

IoT parking sensor - LoRaWAN version

This part of the IoT series shows how to connect the parking sensor via LoRaWAN to TheThingsNetwork

Jun 24 2019

IoT parking sensor - MQTT version

Part two of this series covers the software for the parking sensor which sends the data via MQTT to a broker.

May 22 2019

Howto build your own IoT parking sensor

In part one of this series I am focusing on the hardware which is needed to build you own parking sensor

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