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Oct 19 2015

IPTV with a Synology DS713+

This article describes my approach to stream live TV across my local network with my Synology DS713+, a few USB receivers, Tvheadend and an Amazon FireTv Stick with Kodi as receiver ...

Dec 14 2014

Aviation Headset to USB Adapter

As a hobby pilot i bought myself a good aviation headset. Since it is very comfortable to wear i decided to connect it to my computer. This article describes how i built an adapter for this. ...

Dec 09 2014

Portable HAM radio station

As a HAM radio operator I spent a lot of time to design my station. It should be (at least somehow) portable and it should allow all band / all mode operation. In this article i want to share some thoughts about the hobby and about my station with you. ...

Sep 01 2014

Quick and dirty high-resolution webcam

Do you want to run a webcam ? ... Propably a cheap one with a high resolution ? -> here is the solution with a raspberry pi ...

Aug 28 2014

ASCII - Art youtube player

Are you sitting in front of a linux text terminal and do you want to watch youtube videos ? ... Here is a possible solution how to do it without X. ...

Aug 18 2014

Bluelog - the fast bluetooth scanner

Have you ever wondered how traffic flow analysis in a big city works ? ... Well here is one (possible) answer: Track bluetooth devices traveling along a road.Bluelog is a quick (a really quick) bluetooth scanner and therefore an ideal candidate for this application. This article discusses the installation on ubuntu as well as some other possible applications.


X Forwarding with the Rasperry Pi

This article shows hot to use your Raspberry Pi in a remote fashion from another linux machine by forwarding the display of the X Server. ...

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