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Feb 20 2017

How to install node-red in Ubuntu

This article shows how to install node-red under Ubuntu 16.04 ...

Jan 21 2017

Uninstall dpkg packages in Ubuntu

This article shows how to remove *.dpkg packages (which are not removable via the software center) from an Ubuntu box ...

Dez 30 2016

How to replace a failed disk of a degraded linux software raid

Recently one of my disks within a Linux software raid started to fail. Here is a quick outline how to replace it. ...

Nov 18 2016

Select files with a dialog witin a BASH script

Sometimes you want the user to pick a few files from within a directory - here is how to do it in bash. ...

Okt 28 2016

How to push data into a new gitblit repository

This article shows how to push data into a new repository which is hosted on gitblit ...

Sep 20 2016

Renewal of a letsencrypt certificate for lighttpd

This article shows how to renew a letsencrypt certificate, which is used by a lighttpd server. ...

Aug 28 2016

Free SSL certificate for lighttpd with letsencrypt

This article shows how to install the free SSL certificates from letsenrcypt on a lighttpd webserver ...

Aug 20 2016

How to publish weatherdata via MQTT

This article shows how to connect a weather station to the Internet of things ...

Jul 18 2016

Helloworld with Apache Camel using Ivy and Ant

This example shows how to build a Hello World Application for Apache Camel. Dependencies are fetched with Ivy and buids are done with Ant. ...

Jun 14 2016

Better notes with pandoc

This article shows you how to create beautiful minutes of meeting with pandoc ...

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