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Mai 03 2017

SCM progress visualization with gource

Do you want to impress your customers / friends by showing what you and your team are doing within a project ? ... Well then give gource a try ! ...

Apr 19 2017

How to make static webpage snapshots with wget

Sometimes it is better to have a (local) backup. Here is how you backup a (foreign) homepage with wget. ...

Mrz 13 2017

Read /etc/passwd with Java8 streams

This article shows how to read and parse the /etc/passwd file with the new Java8 stream API and Lamda functions ...

Feb 20 2017

How to install node-red in Ubuntu

This article shows how to install node-red under Ubuntu 16.04 ...

Jan 21 2017

Uninstall dpkg packages in Ubuntu

This article shows how to remove *.dpkg packages (which are not removable via the software center) from an Ubuntu box ...

Dez 30 2016

How to replace a failed disk of a degraded linux software raid

Recently one of my disks within a Linux software raid started to fail. Here is a quick outline how to replace it. ...

Nov 18 2016

Select files with a dialog witin a BASH script

Sometimes you want the user to pick a few files from within a directory - here is how to do it in bash. ...

Okt 28 2016

How to push data into a new gitblit repository

This article shows how to push data into a new repository which is hosted on gitblit ...

Sep 20 2016

Renewal of a letsencrypt certificate for lighttpd

This article shows how to renew a letsencrypt certificate, which is used by a lighttpd server. ...

Aug 28 2016

Free SSL certificate for lighttpd with letsencrypt

This article shows how to install the free SSL certificates from letsenrcypt on a lighttpd webserver ...

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